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Experience What Some Call "Topical Viagra"!


Here's How VigRX Oil™ Delivers ...

VigRX Oil™ delivers a powerful synergistic blend of ingredients specifically designed to support harder and larger
erections. You just smooth VigRX Oil™ onto your penis before intercourse.

Better SexThe tantalizingly silky oil provides these naturally occurring nutrients and herbal extracts directly to the
male organ. The formula uses the breakthrough scientific knowledge that a certain amino acid, when introduced
into the genital area, can significantly increase the body's ability to obtain and hold a longer, stronger, wider erection.
The scientific basis for the effect is the latest scientific development in the theory of beneficial absorption through the
skin. Meanwhile, the naturally-derived therapeutic ingredients, botanical extracts, vitamin complexes and antioxidants
permeate the dermis and contribute to the passage of the amino acid directly to the tissues of the penis - fast, targeted
specifically, and immediately effective.


The Result? POWER and CONTROL!

VigRX Oil™'s topical magic means greater penile firmness, an increase in penile tissue engorgement, and a longer-lasting erection.

And all you have to do to experience these incredible benefits is apply the oil… and it feels so good.

Forget these hassles ...

  • NO adverse reactions in lab safety testing!
  • NO reported side effects!
  • NO time-consuming exercises!
  • NO waiting!
  • NO embarrassment!

With VigRX Oil™, it all happens instantly as a natural and exciting part of lovemaking.

What's in VigRX Oil™?

Here's how each VigRX Oil™ ingredient boosts your virility, stamina and masculine power...


VigRX Oil™ blends natural ingredients to tonify and support the skin enveloping the male reproductive system, to improve circulation and blood flow to the penis, and create a base for greatly enhancing arousal and erection. VigRX Oil™ combines Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Squalene, Apricot Kernel Oil, L-Arginine HCI, Biosomes A&E Complex, Vitamin C, Extracts of Korean Red Ginseng, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Muira Pauma, Catuaba Bark, Cuscuta Seed and More in a formula whose key ingredients have been shown in studies to deliver these amazing results:

Quicker Erection: physical application, along with key ingredients in VigRX Oil™ can increase the efficiency of erection by rapidly causing vasocongestion of erectile bodies of the corpus cavernosa.

Greater Rigidity and Hardness: the introduction of the key ingredients to the muscle tissue in the penis increases firmness, rigidity and overall quality of the erect penis for longer periods of time. Subjects of tests involving the key ingredients experienced significantly more engorgement of their erect penises.

Wow! So what are those ingredients, and how do they work? The natural extracts and nutrients were chosen for specific benefits to the male sexual system. The key ingredients go to work directly within the male genitalia, with effects on blood flow and the responsive cells of the penis.

But there's EVEN MORE VigRX Oil™ can do for you!
Combined in our exclusive formulation, these time-honored ingredients have the documented properties to ...

  • Increase blood circulation to the genital tissues, via peripheral penis tissue vasodilators.
  • Strengthen erections.
  • Support stamina and sex drive by increasing cardiovascular dilation and improving circulation.
  • Moisturize and tonify the skin.
  • Enhance sexual energy with boosted self-confidence.
  • Increase orgasmic potential.

If you are ready to experience this amazing formula for yourself, Order VigRX Oil™ Today!

What sets VigRX Oil™ apart. More Power, More Passion ... The Delivery System of the Future.

No Chance of "Missing the Moment"!


That's why we use an innovative topical delivery system for our high-quality sexual-performance-boosting botanicals and ingredients. The VigRX Oil™ formula contains natural skin permeation enhancers, so the ability of vital ingredients to cross the lipid barrier of the epidermis is greatly improved.

Studies done at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin show that a very high absorption rate of many natural substances can be achieved when delivered through the skin, usually as a cream or oil. This allows certain matter to go directly into the muscle tissue, bypassing the stomach, digestive system and liver where the nutrients would otherwise be broken down and excreted - in fact, some oral supplements are diminished to only 5% of their original potency when they pass through the entire body this way. Only 5% make it to the cells where they are needed!

But with topical delivery, as much as 95% of the supplement is delivered to its specific target cells. 95% vs. 5% … and topical delivery happens fast - almost as soon as you smooth it on, the ingredients go to work. No waiting to take effect, no chance of missing the moment. You can see why topical delivery is a very effective method for VigRX Oil's powerful ingredients.
The tactile benefits of topical delivery...

We're sure you've figured out by now that besides the speed and power of a formula that absorbs right through the skin, there's an enticing side benefit - VigRX Oil™ feels fantastic to apply. You and your partner will delight in playing and teasing your penis to Its Full Throbbing and Glistening Potential!

Wish you had some VigRX Oil™ right now?

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