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MEN: If you suffer from:

  • A Lack of Desired Penis Length?
  • A Lack of Desired Penis Girth?
  • A Crooked Penis?

Whether you suffer from one or all of these problems, the solution you’ve been waiting so long for has finally arrived!

It’s no secret that we live in an era where male sexuality has gotten more attention then ever in the past. Scientific breakthroughs have resulted in products like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra… and NOW, the ProExtender™ Enlargement Device!

Available on its own, or through the ultimate penis enlargement system, the ProExtender™ is revolutionizing the industry while shortening long wait lists for penis surgery worldwide. Invented by Penile Surgeon Jorn Ege Siana M.D. of Denmark in 1994, Dr. Siana has spent the better part of the last decade conducting clinical tests and has received extensive backing from the medical community.


Quick Facts

ProExtender™ is recommended by Physicians in 29 countries
60 Public Hospitals & Private Clinics in Spain alone
Ten’s of thousands of men have purchased the product on the advice of their doctors.

The ProExtender™ is designed to provide gentle non-harmful and painless traction to the penis. The device fastens
around the base of the penis and around the corona glans (head), and has a fully adjustable traction apparatus in
between. When you gradually increase the longitudinal force on the shaft of the penis, the body’s natural reaction to
this force is multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue. In other words, the penis gradually
and naturally adds tissue for a larger and longer penis.

The ProExtender™ System is truly the ultimate penis enlargement combination. The ProExtender System™
consists of products from Albion Nutraceuticals and Dana Medic so you are receiving the highest quality medical
enlargement device and the highest quality supplements from the most trusted Male Enhancement Supplement
provider. Some companies provide you with inferior copy cat devices and low quality no-name brand supplements.
With ProExtender™ you get nothing but proven, top of the line products.

ProExtender™ has been developed by a medical doctor Jorn Ege Siana, who specializes in penis lengthening. After
extensive research he came up with the first prototype of the extender device in 1994. Since that time the product has
undergone many different clinical studies and has won the trust of thousands of Doctors worldwide. Clinics worldwide use
our product as a safe alternative to penis surgery. You can stop dreaming of having a larger penis and
finally achieve the results.

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