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Turn Up the Volume of Your Ejaculations For the
You Ever Though Possible!
We Guarantee it – Or Your Money Back!

Want to Shoot Off HUGE and Visually STUNNING
Loads of Cum Whenever You Like?

...And Have the Most Awesome Orgasms, With
ROCK-HARD Erections and Shoot Across the

Is it time to turn up the intensity?

And shoot off MASSIVE loads of cum on demand for the wildest
and most amazing orgasms this side of Jupiter – whenever you like?

This isn't some weird closet fetish we're talking about. There are literally
hundreds of thousands of regular guys just like you who want to
perform like a porn star, shooting the BIGGEST LOADS EVER, but
they're unsure how to do it.

Does this ring a bell?

If you're like most Semenax® guys, you probably want to:

  • Enjoy LONGER, very intense orgasms...that seem like they last forever!
  • FILL your partner 'til she OVERFLOWS with your huge loads!
  • Ejaculate the most VISUALLY IMPRESSIVE loads she's ever dreamt about!
  • Drive your partner WILD with powerful orgasmic contractions!
  • Shoot off MASSIVE loads of cum like you did as a teenager!
  • Enjoy the reputation of a STUD with UNBELIEVABLE ejaculations!

Pick your reason. The answer's the same...

You really can shoot BIGGER and visually impressive loads... with Semenax® all-natural herbal supplement...helping guys unleash their inner porn star – regardless of age – to show up and give a performance to set off the Richter scale!

Watch This Video And You'll See:

Even Healthcare Professionals Like Dr. Carter Give Semenax® Two Thumbs Up!


If you saw the video you've seen even healthcare professionals like Dr. Michael Carter have good things to say about Semenax®.

Still, you may be wondering:

Just How Does Semenax® Work Anyway??

In the event you're wondering how it's possible to do this shy of a full DNA transplant, you should know there's REAL SCIENCE behind the Semenax® formula.

Of course there is – that's how we attracted endorsements from medical professionals in the first place!

Observe that the orgasm process involves a series of muscles that contract each time you climax. These include your:

  • PC muscle
  • Anal sphincter
  • Rectum
  • Perineum
  • Ejaculatory ducts
  • Muscles around the penis

In fact it's the contractions of these muscles that deliver your ejaculate.


But you need to remember...

These muscles will only contract long enough to ejaculate the fluid you have available. When you're out of fluid, your orgasm is OVER!

So if you want a longer orgasm – one of greater INTENSITY, and ultimately more PLEASURE – you need to INCREASE your volume of seminal fluid available to ejaculate.


WILD, INTENSE and TRULY Mind-Blowing Orgasms That Just Keep On Going!

It's a proven equation (and highly enjoyable!): more fluid equals a longer orgasm...

wild and mind blowing orgasims

So if you want to crank up the intensity of your orgasms, and shoot huge loads of visual virility, you need to increase your volume of semen!

That's where Semenax® comes in: it's a daily supplement that infuses the male reproductive system with key nutrients – all natural and that have been used for hundreds of years – that turbo-charge your production of the fluids in your ejaculate.

  • Your seminal vesicle fluids, which constitute 70% of your load are INCREASED!
  • Your prostate gland fluid, which makes up 25% of your load is INCREASED!
  • Your seminal plasma, which is the juice that holds your semen is INCREASED!
  • Your bulbourethral fluid, which makes your loads thicker during release is INCREASED!

The result of all this? After 60-90 days of supplementing with Semenax®, you can expect BIGGER, LONGER and More PLEASURABLE ejaculations every time you cum!

Again, we go back to that simple, yet highly gratifying equation:

More Semen = an Amazing Orgasm!


Are YOU a Semenax® Guy?

Semenax® clients include guys from all over the world. ANY man can potentially be a Semenax® super-stud...though not all guys can handle this kind of extreme pleasure...

Some of the more common Semenax® customers include:

  • Younger guys in their twenties and thirties who want to take their orgasms to new heights of pleasure, with the most intense climaxes they can imagine.
  • Men in their forties and fifties (and higher), who want to experience the explosive orgasms of their twenties or teens.
  • Guys who want to put power and more prolonged pleasure into an ordinary sex life.
  • Men who want to blow their partners away with awesome spraying power, shooting HUGE LOADS like you typically see in adult movies.

Semenax® is an all-natural product and comes with no reported side effects. This makes Semenax® of interest to just about ANY guy in reasonable health. (Though it's always a good idea to speak with your physician if you're concerned about interactions with existing medications!)


How Quickly Does it Work?

Many guys report an increase in their load size, more intensity and longer climaxes within just seven days of beginning with Semenax®'s all-natural and clinically proven formula.

wild and mind blowing orgasims

And like most guys, you'll most likely begin to experience larger loads in the first two to three weeks.

However, with this being said, the effects are cumulative: we recommend using Semenax® between sixty and ninety days at a bare minimum. This gives the natural ingredients time to build up in your system.

More importantly it gives YOU time to experience what the male climax is truly supposed to be!

Of course, Semenax® is a lifestyle. This is a commitment we're talking about – to extreme pleasure and the reputation that goes with it.

Just like a multivitamin...

You only get the full goods of Semenax® for as long as you continue supplementing!


* For a Limited Time Only *

FREE Gifts on Select Semenax® Packages!

Smart guys know that Semenax® is a commitment: it's a CULTURE of FREQUENT SEX and EXTREME PLEASURE.

If you're not up to that commitment, no worries. Not all guys can handle this lifestyle and the responsibility that comes with it...

And to spell it out for you, that responsibility is to have PLENTY OF SEX and WILD, ENDLESS ORGASMS every time you climax.

But if you ARE up to the Semenax® lifestyle, and you're ready to claim the life to which you're entitled, buy a Semenax® package of two months or higher and we'll reward you with generous discount packaging...

Actually, tell you what. Make the Semenax® commitment with an order of at least SIX MONTHS and (for a limited time) we'll slip some FREE GIFTS in the cart, like:

FREE Gifts Available With Purchase Include:

GIFT #1 - VigRX® For Men

The #1 all-natural male libido pill on the planet, for HUGE, longer-lasting erections. AWESOME results when used with Semenax®! (A $59.95 Value, Yours FREE!)

GIFT #2 – GenF20 Plus®
You won't find a better HGH releaser than this clinically proven natural supplement that stimulates your body to naturally release HGH 'youth hormones'! (A $76.99 Value, Yours FREE!)

GIFT #3 - SemEnhance®
You'll have HUGE LOADS with Semenax®. Now combine that with SemEnhance® and it'll TASTE awesome too! (A $59.95 Value, Yours FREE!)

GIFT #4 - $25 Gift Card
Use this $25 gift card toward any product of your choosing on BetterSexMall.com! (A $25.00 Value but you get it for FREE!)

GIFT #5 – FREE Express Shipping (US Orders Only)
Heck, we'll even ship it to you for free to any address in the continental United States! (A $25 value that we'll add for FREE!)

Try Semenax® RISK-FREE For 60 Days!

Still on the fence? Don't be – we'll let you try Semenax® RISK-FREE for 60 Days!

Here's how it works: please try Semenax® for 60 days (two bottles).

In that time, in the unlikely event you're not completely convinced that Semenax® delivers long, explosive orgasms, just return the two empty bottles within 67 days of delivery and we'll refund every cent minus shipping and handling.

This generous policy applies to larger packages too. Just return any unopened bottles along with the product you've used in this time frame and you can still claim a full refund,

Why do we make this amazing guarantee? Because we've been in business over ten years. We've seen the difference Semenax® makes for regular guys, and how it makes sex the thrill it's supposed to be...

We KNOW you'll be thrilled with Semenax®.

Please note that refunds are limited to one order per customer.

Choose Your Package NOW

Up to $600 Worth of FREE GIFTS And DISCOUNTS Are On the Table On Orders Greater Than Three Months!

Are you ready to adopt the SEMENAX® LIFESTYLE, of HUGE LOADS and LONG, EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS whenever you like?

Then hit the order button and choose your package below.

Remember, you're protected by our rock-solid 60 day money-back guarantee. You've got NOTHING to lose, and an AWESOME SEX LIFE to gain.

We'll even add up to $280 worth of free gifts and up to $320 in discount packaging on orders greater than three months...

Making Semenax® nothing shy of an AMAZING VALUE and investment in your quality of life...

Claim YOUR supply of Semenax® NOW!

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